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The vision for Whimsy Willow was created over a year ago by John Norris and Cheryl Bauer.  


A mutual love of shopping and supporting small local businesses inspired them to

create a brand of their own. 


Meet Cheryl

Whimsy Willow Boutique Co-Owner

Cheryl is a mom of two fun-loving and very active children, Aidan and Lauren, along with Mazie Mae, a black lab mix rescue.


Always on the go, she was looking for an opportunity that would not only help her support her family but something that would allow her the flexibility to continue to be the hands-on mom she loves to be and the freedom to be present at her children’s many activities/sporting events.  


With a background in marketing, a love for shopping, and a passion for decorating and
hosting/planning parties, opening a shop with Home Décor and gifts has always been a dream of hers. 

Supporting small locally owned businesses / entrepreneurs is an important part of John and Cheryl’s vision, for that reason, Whimsy Willow will also showcase products from several local entrepreneurs.  

Being a family-run business, don’t be surprised when stopping by to not only see John and Cheryl but the kids as well!  Promoting the store by shooting Facebook Live videos has become a favorite pastime of theirs and they’re excited to lend a helping hand

to customers when needed.

John, Cheryl, and the kids look forward to meeting and greeting all their customers!


Meet John

Whimsy Willow Boutique Co-Owner

John is a dad of 3 children...Luke, Lilly, and Lucy.  He has been involved in retail and manufacturing for 20+ years.  Never shying away from a new challenge and thriving on staying busy, he currently has
multiple manufacturing businesses, 2 year-round Hallmark stores, in addition to up to 20+ pop-up Christmas stores and kiosks all over the tri-state area. Even with all this, he has always had a vision of
creating a private brand.  His vision was put on a back burner until life circumstances happened ... John and Cheryl found each other and 2 dreams became one! 


With John’s experience in retail, manufacturing, and business and Cheryl’s attention to detail and passion for design, they decided to go into business together.

Crocker Park seemed like the perfect location and space was secured. Fast forward months later ... Whimsy Willow is the perfect blend of rustic and modern farmhouse and every product has been chosen to reflect just that.  Proudly, many of the products are Made in the USA and manufactured by one of John’s companies.

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